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Over the last 24 years, I have had great success treating patients suffering from PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME which causes symptoms similar to sciatica. Here's a very interesting study on the condition.

Novel anatomical findings with implications on the etiology of the piriformis syndrome

"The cause of the piriformis-related pelvic and extra-pelvic pain syndromes is still not well understood. Usually, the piriformis syndrome is seen as extra-pelvic sciatica caused by the entrapment of the sciatic nerve by the piriformis in its crossing through the greater sciatic foramen. However, the piriformis muscle may compress additional nerve structures in other regions and cause idiotypic pelvic pain, pelvic visceral pain, pudendal neuralgia, and pelvic organ dysfunction. There is still a lack of detailed description of the muscle origin, topography, and its possible relationships with the anterior branches of the sacral spinal nerves and with the sacral plexus. In this research, we aimed to characterize the topographic relationship of the piriformis with its surrounding anatomical structures, especially the anterior branches of the sacral spinal nerves and the sacral plexus in the pelvic cavity, as well as to estimate the possible role of anatomical piriformis variants in pelvic pain and extra-pelvic sciatica."

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